Services eartings

  1. Chronic disease management
  2. Womens health
  3. Mens health
  4. Paternity testing
  5. Occupational health
  6. Personal Medical reports
  7. Medical legal reports
  8. Travel Vaccinations
  9. Childhood Vaccinations
  10. Minor surgery

Chronic disease managment

Diabetic clinic.

We run a clinic once a month inviting patients who live with diabetes to attend for full bloods and examination. We aim to provide the best standard of care within a GP setting.

Asthma and COPD clinic.

We assess the level of control and monitor techniques of inhaler use. We use spirometry to measure improvement.

Cardiovascular clinics.

We invite patients to have annual BP monitoring, ecg and fasting bloods and assess risk factors.

Womens health

Pre-conceptual advice and fertility problems, antenatal clinics.
Sexually transmitted disease screening. Advice on family planning. Please make an appointment with Dr Barrett to discuss the mirena coil, and for implanon please make an appointment with Dr Tiernan.
The emergency contraception pill can be obtained via the nursing staff.
Smears may be booked with the nursing staff.- - Breast examination available.

Mens health

Cardiovasular screening and prostate problems. Sexually transmitted disease screening.

Paternity testing

Paternity testing is available at medicentre. Please make an appointment with Dr. Tiernan to discuss this.
For more info, follow this link,

Occupational health

We are doctors for a number of local companies. We perform pre-employment medicals, medicolegal and absentee reports.
Please contact Dr Tiernan for more information.

Minor surgery

Cryotherapy is used for warts, verrucas, skin tags and actinic keratoses.
Joint injections, removal of moles,  Incision and drainage of abcesses.
If you have medical health care, this may cover some of the above procedures.
Please check with your health care provider.